What Will Cause Your Next Power Failure?

If there is a threat your power supply will be cut you need a backup diesel generatorIn the developed world at least it’s easy to become complacent about the supply of electricity isn’t it?

But even when we have a full grid, lots of generating capacity,  well maintained distribution network and lots of highly trained engineers things can still go wrong.

How about the proverbial digger cutting through the cable, trees falling on power lines through storms or just component breakdowns.  There are plenty of times when local power outages could stop your business producing or close down your operations.

That’s why standby diesel generators are so easy to justify.  If an interruption in power supply for just an hour would cost you money or jeopardise your service then they are worth having.

Eagle has a frequently updated stock of used generators from key manufacturers like Cat, Cummins, Iveco, MTU, Perkins and Volvo.

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