What to Look for in a Used Diesel Gen Set

You need a used diesel generator for standby power at your factory or datacentre, but what exactly are the criteria for making a selection.

Here are a few tips from Eagle Generators.

The most important factor is what power output do you need for your particular application.  Choosing the right KVA rating for your genset is important. Too small and it won’t provide enough juice to get you through a power outage. Too large and you may pay over the odds for fuel and maintenance.

So check out your power requirements using our power usage calculator.

After that the selection criteria focus on the operational and functional characteristics of the used diesel gen set.

  • Used generator hours
  • Any damage/wear and tear
  • Load test results
  • Age
  • History
  • Previous usage (prime, standby or emergency)
  • Manufacturer

Used generator hours is the key parameter because it gives an immediate indication of the strain the generator has been placed under during its lifetime. If any information about the generator you are looking at is not available then ensure that you get a detailed engineering report before considering a purchase.

At Eagle Generators we inspect, test and fix anything necessary to ensure all of our used generators are in the best condition possible. We can also provide all the advice you need to choose the right size and make of unit to suit your particular requirements.


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