Virtual Power Plants


The modern era of digital interaction now goes even further giving us the ability to manage our power generation remotely over the internet.

Moving even further from the genius that is e-commerce shopping, cyber business and 1-click ordering, we now have the capability to build virtual power plants!

This year a company in New York are planning to connect 300 homes to dozens of small solar panels and batteries to create a power plant linked via software.

The solar panels will hold an estimated 1.8 megawatts of solar capacity, while the batteries will store up to 4 megawatt hours of electricity, enough power to run the 300 homes for approximately 10 hours.  As well as running the homes, these networked power resources will be capable of supplying power back to the grid.  This clever network of solar panels and batteries will function as a unified power system that allows remote monitoring and control as well as forecasting and optimizing performance.  All done through supervisory control and data acquisition integration systems.

Sunverge Energy are the energy storage company who will provide the energy storage battery systems.  Ken Munson, the CEO of Sunverge Energy, said ““Stuffing lithium-ion or flow, or any kind of battery in a box, and putting it in as a simple backup device is not that exciting.  But putting a cloud layer with real-time energy services on top, and being able to aggregate and control a fleet of devices on the grid in near-real time—that’s something special.”

This project will be an interesting experiment and if successful, in not only providing power to homes but supplementing grid energy, will be the first of many.

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