Here we discuss the advantages of buying a used generator:

1) The cost-benefit of used generators:

Typically used generators do not come with a warranty, however, it can be very advantageous to purchase a used model for a number of reasons.  One of these advantages is, of course, cost.  Often used generators, even with low hours on the engines, are substantially less than the cost of new generators with savings of anything up to about 50% compare to the cost of a new one.

Comparing Used and New Diesel Generators

2) Availability and quick installation:

Another benefit of opting for used generators is that of availability.  They can be bought and installed very quickly, you can simply purchase and arrange to ship immediately.

3) Diesel generators are built to last.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that big name manufacturers build industrial strength equipment that is built to last so the risk is negligible.  Generators have a long lifespan, built to carry out their function of providing essential power, whether it be prime, standby or emergency.  Also depending on the age of the generator, it may still have some manufacturer’s warranty and in some cases, the dealer will provide some sort of guarantee.

4) Always use a trusted  seller:

The only potential downside of buying a used generator is just that, it is used and not new.  You, therefore, have to trust the seller to provide such details, as when buying a used car, like history, condition and previous usage.  This makes it essential to purchase from a reputable dealer, with experience and technical expertise, who have tested and repaired where necessary.

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