Used Diesel Generators for India

India has had some well documented issues with power generation over recent years. A number of states are suffering power deficits and despite the construction of a number of transmission corridors many areas still suffer from power cuts.

As the Indian economy grows and modernises the impact of supply problems has risen. In particular the success of the IT and telecommunications sector has led to a massive growth in data centres that require consistent electricity supplies to ensure continuity of service and prevent data loss. Eagle Generators has been supplying used diesel generators for India.


While India has seen an effective expansion in its renewable energy capability, transmission and storage issues mean that diesel generator demand is likely to continue to increase over the next 5-10 years.  The largest segment of the market is for low KVA rated gen sets (5 KVA – 100 KVA), which are widely used for back-up power at telecom network towers.

Eagle Generators has an excellent selection of British-made diesel generators operating at this rating.  We have a fast-turnover used generator inventory, which means that whatever your requirement we are bound to have a genset to meet your needs.

We can supply diesel generators to any state or city across India to suit any requirement.

Check out our stock lists to see what is available and get in touch to discuss how easy it is to purchase both new and low hours, used diesel generators.

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