Top 3 Reasons Standby Generators Fail

Diesel powered generators are widely seen as the most reliable form of backup power in the event of problems with the grid.

From a mechanical perspective a diesel generator from well-respected brands such as PerkinsCumminsVolvoor John Deere can run for many thousands of hours without the likelihood of breakdown or the need for an overhaul. However, as we have discussed in previous blogs (cf “Check your diesel generator’s fuel” and “Basic diesel generator maintenance“) no genset can provide long-term power security if it’s not looked after properly.


3 reasons why you diesel generator won't start first time



According to  the prestigious electrical engineering magazine, Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) the top 3 reasons why standby generators fail to automatically start are related to maintenance issues.

  1. The start switch was left at Off rather than Auto
  2. Problems with starter batteries.
  3. Fuel filter clogging – usually from old or water-contaminated fuel.

Our recommendations for core maintenance checks (that don’t necessarily need an engineer call out are as follows:

  • Regular generator starts to check for faults and identify issues such as dead batteries.
  • Check and change fuel and oil filters if there is any sign of fluid degradation.
  • Check fuel quality and add algae inhibitors if there is any sign of moisture.
  • Keep in contact with suppliers to make sure if planned fuel deliveries or maintenance visits are in their schedules.

All of Eagle’s used generators have low hours and documented maintenance records.  They are also serviced and tested before dispatch, so you can be sure of long term reliability.

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