Tips for Investing in Used Generators

Nowadays, a wide range of used or pre-owned generators are available for potential buyers in the market. Used diesel generators do not usually come with warranty/guarantee but it is often beneficial to purchase a rebuilt/ re-conditioned diesel generator or electric power generators for a number of reasons. Many small or large-scale businesses routinely invest in generators that are pre-owned units as it is a cost-effective way of purchasing high-quality industrial equipment. However, before making an actual purchase, the following factors should be considered:

  • History of manufacturer and reputation
  • Age and hours of usage
  • How well the generator has been maintained?
  • Any physical wear and tear on the unit?
  • How it performs in the load test?

1. History of the Manufacturer and Reputation

When you are choosing to rely on a used generator, you should study the history of its manufacturer and the reputation they hold in the current market scenario. It’s always a wise approach to go with a trusted manufacturer having a good reputation for producing quality machinery that can stand the stress and test of time.  Also, during an emergency, the parts and services of that machinery should be easily available.

2. Age and Hours of Usage

This is one of the important points to be considered. Before buying a second-hand generator, find out how many hours it has on it with the help of an odometer reading. Also, try to know what it was used for i.e. whether it was used as a prime power source or was it a standby machine. A generator used as a standby or backup power source will be maintained properly and have less wear than one used as a prime power source.

3. How well is the Generator Maintained?

You should check the maintenance of the used generator that you are going to buy. Also check the seller’s knowledge on maintaining diesel generators, engines, transfer switches etc. You can check this by asking several questions to the seller based on the procedures they use, whether they install and uninstall, if they have a certified and experienced staff of technical persons in-house, dyno-testing equipment on site etc. This step is important because a well-maintained diesel generator has a longer lifespan.

4. Physical Wear & Tear on the Unit

If possible make a visual inspection of the machinery. Being a mechanical device, any diesel generator suffers from physical wear and tear during operation. See if any mechanical parts of the generator have any wear or fatigue. Check if any mechanical components have any cracks or corrosion formed. If you feel anything is wrong with any mechanical part of the generator it should be replaced with the help of manufacturer’s recommendations. Ask for the load test since it helps to determine the efficiency of a diesel generator in electric power generation. This efficiency is determined by how well the generator responds to different loads. This test should be repeated three times to ensure there are no unexpected power breakdowns.


These are some of the important factors to be considered before investing in a used generator. To eliminate any risks, always buy from a professional organisation such as Eagle Generators, which has many years of industry experience in dealing with used diesel generators. Check out our available used diesel generator to know more.