To add yet another choice into the decision making process….. the re-built diesel generator.  These generators go through a very thorough process of complete disassembly during which all parts are cleaned and tested before being re-assembled. Each part including cylinder blocks, cylinder bore, counter bores and crank bores, water passages, connecting rods and blowers, water pumps, fuel pumps etc are cleaned, checked and replaced where necessary.  The result being a diesel generator that is almost as good as new with bearings, seals, gaskets and all other consumables replaced with new.

The re-built generator is then tested and the results recorded along with specifications, so that the customer has all the details they need.

This option can be very advantageous. Although the generator is not new, it is thoroughly re-built and tested, they are in most cases as good as new.  It is important when buying a re-build, you ensure to buy from a reputable supplier with experience of re-building.

So to summarise, whilst buying new gives you the security of a manufacturer’s warranty, used is less expensive and the risk is still low.

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