Power in Developing Countries

It is estimated that 58% of the World’s population does not have access to utilities power.  The global demand for energy is estimated to increase by approximately 60% over the next 15 years.  Although over the last quarter of a century has seen more than 1 billion people in developing countries gain access to modern energy fuels, such as the IEA projects, there are still up to 2 billion people who have no access to modern energy sources.

Diesel Generators
In remote areas or rural areas that do not have sophisticated grid infrastructures, substations or transmission and distribution lines, diesel generators provide the perfect solution.

Not only meeting domestic needs, diesel generators are ideal for industrial and commercial needs too.  They are easy to install and can be incorporated into larger power solutions such as solar energy.

With a wide range of industries utilising diesel generators as their main power source in developing countries, agriculture is perhaps the biggest industry to benefit.  India, for example, is estimated to utilise about 4 million small diesel engines purely to run irrigation pumps.

For developing countries, who often have very limited budgets, a diesel generator is a straightforward and affordable power supply.  Running costs, including maintenance, operation and the fuel source are more manageable than other solutions and fuels.

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