Power Cut Risks & Solutions

For the most part, everything we do relies on having a constant power source.  Something we may perhaps take for granted.  Have a read of this list to remind yourself how critical power is to our homes and industries.  Even a short absence of power can have a huge impact and cause losses of revenue and productivity and even lives!


Refrigeration, lighting, heating, cooking, communication and entertainment… some more critical amenities than others, these are all elements of a busy, comfortable and functioning home environment.  Losing one of these aspects of home essentials / comforts can be disruptive, but to have a break in power supply caused by a power cut, can have a really serious impact on our daily lives.

Data centres

IT, financial institutions, insurance companies and many more types of organisation rely heavily on data storage to hold records on their customers.  These are often held for years and years and amount to a huge library of critical data.  Loss of power can result in irrecoverable losses of data and can interrupt new business as no old data is available for reference.  I.T. is essential to most companies’ ability to function and provides the support many sectors need to carry out their purpose on a daily basis.  Disruption in power can result in programs and data becoming corrupt or irretrievable and companies unable to function.


Look at what Brexit did to the stock market, all be it temporarily.  Just imagine what chaos a power cut could cause in the world of finance!  Billions of pounds can be made or lost in a matter of seconds with deadlines being critical to a win, lose or draw.  Power cuts in this industry mean that critical transactions cannot be made within the deadlines and then even more money in hours is lost in time spent recovering the losses.


Companies that rely on refrigeration of their perishable goods, such as food, pharmaceutical and chemistry suppliers are at risk of losing a great deal of money and hours spent on production should a power failure occur.  Refrigerated items have a limited life span with the risk of damage or contamination in the event of a loss of power.

Medical Facilities

In hospitals, patients are monitored, supported and medicated by machines critical to saving and prolonging their lives.  An interruption in power supply, without adequate back-up facility, can result in loss of life, making this industry the most at risk.

Safety and security

Modern times have provided us with some fantastic gadgets and technologies such as automated access control, remote control garages, locks and windows.  A power cut in a super modern environment can be catastrophic as exits could be comprised and fire / burglar alarms, sprinker systems and lifts/escalators fail to work


Without back-up power solutions, manufacturing using any kind of machinery would simply cease resulting in the loss of revenue with the potential to shut down entire supply chains.


Defence systems, some weaponry and essential equipment rely on power which, should there be an interruption, could result in danger of life and risk of attack.

Control Centres

All kinds of services are controlled via a control centre, such as air traffic control, traffic signals, street lamps, telecommunications, railway signals, utilities to name a few.  Disruptions to any of these services can jeopardize lives and cause accidents.


Most forms of entertainment on a large scale rely on power, such as casinos, cinemas and bowling alleys.  Whilst we, as the customer, might be able to manage missing a new film premier, the revenue lost can be colossal for the companies involved and for the economy.

Investing in back-up power is essential and the benefits far outweigh the huge costs involved with loss of revenue and damage caused following a catastrophic interruption of power.

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