ISO 9001 Focus on Risk

The latest iteration of the global quality standard, ISO 9001:2015, has made risk management a key element to guide operational planning and implementation.

It is intended to move organisations away from simply fixing existing problems to becoming proactive in;

  • Identifying sources of risk
  • Understanding the nature of risk from the perspective of stakeholders such as employees and shareholders
  • Quantifying risks within a context of their likelihood
  • Creating plans to deal with the risks or mitigate their effect

For organisations that are seeking certification the new standard encourages a process of asking and answering some straightforward questions about the business.

One simple question that Eagle Generators suggest you could pose is “What happens if the lights go out?”

Interruption of grid-based power supplies is a fundamental risk to most commercial, industrial or civic organisations. Lack of electricity to run machinery or technology, heating or lighting means no work and no customers.

The second simple question might be therefore “How much does each hour with no power cost?”

Sadly our experience is that many organisations don’t know.  That means it is impossible for them to make sound financial judgements when it comes to mitigating risk.  A £50,000 diesel generator seem expensive until you know that an hour’s stopped production costs £55,000.

So consider the risks, what you can do to prevent problems happening and how you cope if they do happen.

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