Is Power Critical to Your Operation?


There are some organisations in some circumstances where a power black-out is a complete no-no.

Hospitals, because it’s a matter of life and death.  Data centres, where downtime means lawsuits. Factories, because no product no cash.  Or remote telecoms towers where no signal means complete isolation.

new and used diesel generators. Backup up power for critical business operations.

The thing is that many other businesses and organisations are extremely vulnerable to losing the grid.  Individual shops, offices or warehouses may not take priority in the risk management plan, but in the 21st century can any of them operate without IT and communications support, or any of the other ancillary services (think air con or lifts or fire sprinklers or pumps) that we have come to rely on?

Interruptions to the power supply are only a thunderstorm, a mechanical diggers shovel or falling tree away.  In the UK some commentators are suggesting a structural threat to the energy supply as planned increases in generating capacity do not appear to be keeping pace with rising demand.  It is a problem that is also being discussed in countries such as Australia and the US, let alone places in the developing world which have a history of such problems.

Fortunately there are a variety of technologies that can keep the lights on.  In some circumstances diesel generators can be used alongside renewable energy technologies to create micro grids, otherwise diesel gensets alone can provide a reliable source of emergency power.

Which generator you need is all about how much power is required for your application.  That’s where Eagle steps in.  We can provide advice on the right generator package to meet your needs. We can provide either new units (from Cummins and Perkins) or used fully maintained, low hours units from a range of well-known suppliers.

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