What are the Features of Perkins Generators?

Perkins Engines

Perkins is a British based company that is one of the top diesel generator manufacturing companies in the world. With parts and service centers located worldwide.

Perkins Generators (engines) was founded in 1932, offering diesel and natural gas as their base fuels for their engines.  They are very popular in the market due to their economy, reliability, and durability.

The majority of Perkins Generators uses diesel engines to drive the generator thus converting the diesel energy into electrical energy or power.

Perkins Generators are suitable for commercial, construction, industrial, agricultural and residential power generation and there is sure to be a Perkins Generator to suit your needs.

Perkins Generators are known for providing high-quality generators with a lot of efficiency and reliability.

Main Features of Perkins Generators:

  • An engine driving cooling fan with protection guard.
  • Fuel lubricating oil and air filter with restriction indicator.
  • High engine temperature
  • Detailed user manual
  • Radiator Stone Guard
  • Mechanical governing at 1500/1800 RPM.
  • Low oil pressure
  • Anti-vibration mountings
  • Load & Function Tests

Reasons to Buy a Perkins Generator:

  1. Perkins Generators provide models that are composed of a Perkins diesel engine and a quality alternator such as Leroy-Somer.
  2. They are designed with 12V DC supply motor and storage battery.
  3. The engine cooling system in this generator is the water-cooled system.
  4. Trailer Perkins generators adopt an 8-hour operation base tank.
  5. Perkins generators have a comprehensive range of Electropak specifications that are complete and ready to run.
  6. For regulated countries, the power ratings are available up to 600KW and 1500KW for less regulated locations.
  7. Perkins has a dedicated range of engines which offer the highest fuel efficiency meaning very low running costs.
  8. Perkins generators can come as an open-set or with an acoustic container to reduce noise pollution.
  9. New Perkins generators are available with a standard warranty of up to 2 years.

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