Farm Backup Generators Make Money?

According to Farmers Weekly the diesel generators that sit idle, for the most part, in farms across the UK could be an extra source of revenue.

Ben Pratt, energy consultant at Savills, says in an article entitled ‘Backup generators can earn extra cash‘, that diesel generators able to produce power on-demand can be hooked up to the National Grid ready to provide power at times of high demand.

Farmers (and other diesel generator set owners) can sign up contracts with so-called smart grid companies. These organisations manage a portfolio of generators; remotely monitoring the performance of individual gen sets and collecting income on owners behalf from the National Grid.

According to Ben Pratt a £60k p.a income is achievable over a 3 year contract, although this is offset by a possible £30k investment requirement for the National Grid connection.

So maybe the business case for your next diesel power generator is looking a bit healthier now you have heard this news?

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