Energy Warning as Clocks Go Back

British Summer Time ended on Sunday 30th October. A time for Britons to bemoan the onset of dark nights and lower temperatures.

It also heralded a Capacity Market Notice warning from the National Grid, because the change in the clocks also brings in an increase in power consumption.  The Notice tells power companies to monitor the gap between supply and demand more closely and reflects not only higher consumption but also the fact that some power stations are not back up to speed after a summer layoff.

This doesn’t mean black-outs are imminent but it does highlight the tightness in the electricity generating market. An unexpectedly cold winter might see the next level of warning, an Electricity Margin Notice, being posted. At that point more capacity would be requested from the industry.  If that wasn’t enough then we might see businesses being asked to cut back on their power usage and local power plants might have to be switched on.

The good news is that you can protect your business with your own standby diesel generator set.  This would provide the security you need for contingency planning in the face of possible energy supply disruption.

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