Diesels Desired Down Under

A full scale energy crisis is brewing in the Australian states of Victoria, NSW and South Australia. Some commentators are even forecasting a 75% chance of blackouts as a major power station in Victoria is closed down with limited capacity available to fill the energy gap.

Apparently a worthy drive to increase the use of renewable energy sources has not been well planned.  Solar and wind power are capable of generating up to 80% of requirements but not on demand. In other words when the sun isn’t shiningand its not windy then there is a problem.

Ironically Japan continues to import Australian coal to use in its highly efficient power stations (that meet the standards set by the Paris Agreement) while home energy companies and the government decline to make use of the same resource.

All of this has lead to call from influential columnist Robert Gottliebsen, writing in The Australian, to suggest that:

“All businesses and households in Victoria, NSW and South Australia need to seriously consider investing substantial sums in diesel generators, batteries or other sources of emergency power.”

While Eagle Generators supports the switch to renewable energy sources, as part of the drive towards protecting against global warming, we tend to deal with the here and now of the energy security debate. Many of our clients in the developing world suffer from the problem of poor energy supply in the form of black-outs, brown-outs or energy rationing.  In some circumstances (e.g hospitals and medical supply storage) maintaining power is a life or death issue. In most situations it isn’t just an inconvenience.

Our new and used diesel gensets are in use across medical facilities, factories, food storage facilities and telecommunications infrastructure around Africa, Asia and Europe.  We haven’t supplied a diesel generator to Australia yet, but it looks as though that might not be too far in the future.

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