Datacentres. Energy companies need your backup power capacity

The UK government is on track to shut-down all coal-fired power stations by 2025. This means that energy companies are desperately seeking both alternative supply sources and ways of reducing demand.

New and used diesel generators for your datacentre. UK based offering UK built gensets


Datacentres have become a centre of attention for both sides of that search.  The UK houses 40-50% of European datacentres and they represent one of the few areas of the economy that are increasing their power consumption. That explains why they are on the radar for both energy efficiency projects and for self-powering facilities with their their own diesel microgrids at times of peak demand.

At the same time the National Grid and the big 5 suppliers are talking to datacentre operators to see if they can access the power generation capability of those same diesel gensets to feed the grid.  Centrica, in particular, is promoting its Distributed Energy service, which provides an interface to the company’s Energy Control Centre.

The big question for datacentre operators is whether the risk of opening up their power generation capacity for external use is outweighed by the revenue generating opportunity that it provides.

Whatever the outcome Eagle Generators is available to provide new and used diesel generator sets support your datacentre needs.

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