Common Misconceptions About Diesel Generators

There are many facts regarding diesel-powered generators based on their nature, uses, reliability etc. While some of these facts are true there are many misconceptions about diesel generators still prevalent among many people. Some of these false facts are listed below.

1. Diesel Generators make a Lot of Noise

In today’s world, the innovative technology used in the manufacture of diesel generators and the new standards for diesel fuel have made diesel generator work with less noise. Modern generators are designed in such a way that they are quieter whilst still providing lots of power, this means you do not have to worry as much about sound pollution and its effects. Many diesel generators also have an acoustic cover to further reduce noise pollution.

2. Unreliable

Some people think diesel generators will break down frequently, make choking sounds while starting or need repeated calls for repairing damaged parts etc. Generator firms nowadays are very cautious regarding this. Diesel Generators are built to last.

We always fully test the status of the diesel generators and will not sell them if they fail to provide the expected service. Eagle Generators will not disappoint you regarding any of our generator services. We always make sure that our customers are being offered diesel generators with that live up to their specifications and are in good working order.

3. They Cause Environmental Pollution

This is a very common misconception among people. Generators used to be smelly, smoky and they emitted toxic gases which led to air pollution. The latest developments in technology have solved this problem by reducing pollution and being more efficient.

4. They Occupy a Lots of Space

Modern diesel generators are compact in nature. They’re heavy but are light enough to be moved easily using any mode of transport and shipped anywhere in the world. Their dimensions are comparatively small compared to older generators and hence occupy less space in the room.

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