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Power Cut Panic

Power Cut Risks & Solutions For the most part, everything we do relies on having a constant power source.  Something we may perhaps take for granted.  Have a read of this list to remind yourself how critical power is to our homes and industries.  Even a short absence of power can have a huge impact and […]

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Power in Developing Countries

Power in Developing Countries It is estimated that 58% of the World’s population does not have access to utilities power.  The global demand for energy is estimated to increase by approximately 60% over the next 15 years.  Although over the last quarter of a century has seen more than 1 billion people in developing countries […]

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Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants   The modern era of digital interaction now goes even further giving us the ability to manage our power generation remotely over the internet. Moving even further from the genius that is e-commerce shopping, cyber business and 1-click ordering, we now have the capability to build virtual power plants! This year a […]

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African Education Needs Energy

African Education Needs Energy According to a BBC report (“E-learning for Africa held back by power shortage”) the drive to provide e-learning facilities is being hampered by a chronic shortage of power. This means that millions of children across the continent can’t take advantage of the advances in educational technology that are being driven by low […]

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Temporary Power Market to Reach $6.4 billion by 2021

Temporary Power Market to Reach $6.4 billion by 2021 Annual growth of 10.6% According to International Rental News the temporary power market is forecast to grow to $6.4 billion by 2021 at a staggering 10.6% annual growth rate. A report from Research and Markets suggests that growth is driven partly from supply-side problems (old infrastructure in developed countries […]

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Second-Hand Cummins Diesel Generators

Second-Hand Cummins Diesel Generators Eagle Generators always has a range of second-hand Cummins diesel generators available for immediate worldwide delivery. At the moment we have Cummins sets with outputs from  300 KVA to 2000 KVA mated to Newage, Stamford and PSTBOW alternators. All of our second-hand generators have low-hours and a full maintenance record. We service and test all […]

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Microgrids Will Power the Internet of Things

Microgrids Will Power the Internet of Things According to a recent article for Intel by Andres Carvallo (an expert on smart grids and power infrastructure) microgrids will play a key role in enabling the growth of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Cities. Microgrids are local energy grids which can be powered by a wide range of energy sources from fuel […]

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Diesel is the best fuel for a standby generator.

The Best Fuel for Standby Generators You have probably recognised that most standby generators are diesel powered rather than petrol (gasoline) or LPG. That isn’t just a coincidence. Diesel fuel has some inherent advantages that make it very suitable for power generation duties in a wide variety of applications and environments. So what are the […]

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Energy Warning as Clocks Go Back

Energy Warning as Clocks Go Back British Summer Time ended on Sunday 30th October. A time for Britons to bemoan the onset of dark nights and lower temperatures. It also heralded a Capacity Market Notice warning from the National Grid, because the change in the clocks also brings in an increase in power consumption.  The Notice tells power […]

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Farm Backup Generators Make Money?

Farm Backup Generators Make Money? According to Farmers Weekly the diesel generators that sit idle, for the most part, in farms across the UK could be an extra source of revenue. Ben Pratt, energy consultant at Savills, says in an article entitled ‘Backup generators can earn extra cash‘, that diesel generators able to produce power […]