Basic Diesel Generator Maintenance

It’s important to get a qualified engineer to look after your diesel generators. However there are some things that you can do to reduce the chance of problems when you need your gen set to work.

Here a few self-help ideas.

Regular Start-Ups

Implement a monthly generator test schedule.  It will enable you to test for generator faults and make sure that systems and people are all ready to to their jobs. Check the battery and replace it if there are any signs of deterioration.


The fuel and lubricating oil filters in your generator will degrade whether or not it has been running.  So make sure that they are changed in line with maintenance schedules at the minimum or more frequently if the operating environment demands it.

Check Fuel Quality

It’s easy for moisture to build up in the fuel tank of your generator and that can cause algae growth.  You can buy algae inhibitors to stop the build-up from affecting the performance of your generator.

If greater quantities of water get into the fuel tank then you may need to get a specialist fuel polishing company to pump out the fuel and clean it.  Always check the tank for the sources of water infiltration before adding the fuel back.

Supplier Check

Make sure you have good relationships with suppliers of fuel, consumables and maintenance services, and the right contracts for your requirements.

If there is a problem you might not want to rely on good will to get fuel supplies on the night of a long holiday in the winter.

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