Advantages of Used Air Cooled Diesel Generators

Diesel air-cooled used generators have a great reputation for reliability and are reasonably inexpensive.  They are extremely versatile and suitable for all kinds of industries.

  • Using diesel as the fuel source for a generator is advantageous as it is often more readily available, safer to store and generally less expensive.
  • The diverse range of designs cater for most requirements from the largest permanent operations to the smaller temporary ones.
  • Air-cooled diesel generators have a far more reliable reputation with failure being far less likely.
  • Because of the cooling component in an air-cooled diesel generator, there is no need for a water pump or radiator. There is no coolant to leak, freeze or overheat or cause corrosion to other components.  The air-cooled system is much simpler in design with less parts to fail, become damaged or require maintenance.
  • Shipping and packing is often cheaper and they usually take up less space.
  • Probably the most useful advantage of the air-cooled diesel generator is that they warm up more quickly and run at higher temperatures meaning the generator can reach its full load capacity much faster. Because of the higher temperatures, clogging of the lubricating oil and wear to the cylinder bore and piston rings is less likely, even when only used as a standby power supply.

It is important to ensure your generator is correctly maintained and inspected regularly.  It is also essential to do your research and ask advice from your dealer to ensure you buy the right generator for your requirements.

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