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Check your Diesel Generator’s fuel

water contamination of diesel fuel tanksRegular checks of your generator’s fuel tanks are essential even if your equipment is properly maintained, regularly serviced and sited in a benign location.

As the diesel fuel in the tank get warm during the day and then cools at night a process called thermal expansion causes condensation to form.  The introduction of water can cause several problems:

  • Corrosion of metal tanks introduces particulates that damage fuel lines and engine components.
  • As water mixes in the fuel it encourages the growth of algae, which contaminates the diesel.
  • Excessive water ingress means that the diesel fuel may contain either water in solution or free water.  Both can reduce an engine’s efficiency and cause problems with filters, injectors, lines and engine components.
  • In cold weather the water can freeze, particularly in the fuel lines and filters.

You can make a quick visual check of your diesel to see if it looks hazy or it contains water droplets.  If water ingress has occurred then you will experience problems with erratic idling, cut-outs or excessive smoke from the exhaust.

One tip to prevent or reduce condensation is to keep the fuel tank topped up.  There are also a range of fuel additives to firstly remove algae and secondly to control diesel in water problems (through emulsification or de-emulsification).

If the problem is severe then free water at the bottom of the tank can be drained and/or the fuel can be cleaned and polished.

Hopefully you can keep your existing gen sets working free from water problems.

If you are looking for new or used diesel generators to supplement your back-up facilities then talk to us today.

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ISO 9001 focus on risk

have you asked what the risk is to your power supply and how much it costs if it is down?The latest iteration of the global quality standard, ISO 9001:2015, has made risk management a key element to guide operational planning and implementation.

It is intended to move organisations away from simply fixing existing problems to becoming proactive in;

  • Identifying sources of risk
  • Understanding the nature of risk from the perspective of stakeholders such as employees and shareholders
  • Quantifying risks within a context of their likelihood
  • Creating plans to deal with the risks or mitigate their effect

For organisations that are seeking certification the new standard encourages a process of asking and answering some straightforward questions about the business.

One simple question that Eagle Generators suggest you could pose is “What happens if the lights go out?”

Interruption of grid-based power supplies is a fundamental risk to most commercial, industrial or civic organisations. Lack of electricity to run machinery or technology, heating or lighting means no work and no customers.

The second simple question might be therefore “How much does each hour with no power cost?”

Sadly our experience is that many organisations don’t know.  That means it is impossible for them to make sound financial judgements when it comes to mitigating risk.  A £50,000 diesel generator seem expensive until you know that an hour’s stopped production costs £55,000.

So consider the risks, what you can do to prevent problems happening and how you cope if they do happen.

If it’s about power and you want an on-site solution to providing back-up supplies then take a look at our stock of used diesel generator sets.

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Basic diesel generator maintenance

maintaining your diesel generator power supplyIt’s important to get a qualified engineer to look after your diesel generators. However there are some things that you can do to reduce the chance of problems when you need your genset to work.

Here a few self-help ideas.

Regular Start-Ups
Implement a monthly generator test schedule.  It will enable you to test for generator faults and make sure that systems and people are all ready to to their jobs. Check the battery and replace it if there are any signs of deterioration.

The fuel and lubricating oil filters in your generator will degrade whether or not it has been running.  So make sure that they are changed in line with maintenance schedules at the minimum or more frequently if the operating environment demands it.

Check Fuel Quality
It’s easy for moisture to build up in the fuel tank of your generator and that can cause algae growth.  You can buy algae inhibitors to stop the build-up from affecting the performance of your generator.

If greater quantities of water get into the fuel tank then you may need to get a specialist fuel polishing company to pump out the fuel and clean it.  Always check the tank for the sources of water infiltration before adding the fuel back.

Supplier Check
Make sure you have good relationships with suppliers of fuel, consumables and maintenance services, and the right contracts for your requirements.

If there is a problem you might not want to rely on good will to get fuel supplies on the night of a long holiday in the winter.

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What Will Cause Your Next Power Failure?

If there is a threat your power supply will be cut you need a backup diesel generatorIn the developed world at least it’s easy to become complacent about the supply of electricity isn’t it?

But even when we have a full grid, lots of generating capacity,  well maintained distribution network and lots of highly trained engineers things can still go wrong.

How about the proverbial digger cutting through the cable, trees falling on power lines through storms or just component breakdowns.  There are plenty of times when local power outages could stop your business producing or close down your operations.

That’s why standby diesel generators are so easy to justify.  If an interruption in power supply for just an hour would cost you money or jeopardise your service then they are worth having.

Eagle has a frequently updated stock of used generators from key manufacturers like Cat, Cummins, Iveco, MTU, Perkins and Volvo.

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West End Power Blackout

standby pwer generation to beat the power blackoutBlack Friday became a reality in London’s West End on 25th November as a fault on a high voltage cable cut off power to businesses around Piccadilly Circus, Soho and Carnaby Street.

The power failure left the streets in darkness, stopped performances of the major West End shows and closed down hundreds of restaurants.

Interestingly the sound of Underground trains could still be heard because Transport for London has a robust back-up plan to deal with such situations.

So if your business is totally reliant on the power grid but you have always thought “it can’t happen here”, maybe you should think again. If you are going for ISO 9001 certification then you will need to show what your contingency plans are. And of course if you want production or operations to carry on then you’ll need some real back-up.

Eagle Generators has the experience and capability to help you out.  We have a range of new and pre-owned diesel generator sets to meet your specific power requirements

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Second-Hand Perkins Diesel Generators

Eagle Generators always has a range of second-hand Perkins diesel generators available for immediate worldwide delivery.

At the moment we have Perkins sets with outputs from  15 KVA to 1500 KVA mated to Leroy Somer, Marelli, Mecc Alte, Newage and Stamford  alternators.

second hand perkins diesel generators for sale. worldwide shipping

Our pre-owned generators have a full service and maintenance record making them ready for transport and use around the world.

Our inventory of Perkins generators, as well as other brands such as Cat, Cummins, Iveco, MTU and Volvo is frequently updated.  That means we can supply your requirements even if your favoured diesel generator isn’t on today’s stock list.

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Farm Backup Generators Make Money?

make money from your backup diesel generatorAccording to Farmers Weekly the diesel generators that sit idle, for the most part, in farms across the UK could be an extra source of revenue.

Ben Pratt, energy consultant at Savills, says in an article entitled ‘Backup generators can earn extra cash‘, that diesel generators able to produce power on-demand can be hooked up to the National Grid ready to provide power at times of high demand.

Farmers (and other diesel generator set owners) can sign up contracts with so-called smart grid companies. These organisations manage a portfolio of generators; remotely monitoring the performance of individual gen sets and collecting income on owners behalf from the National Grid.

According to Ben Pratt a £60k p.a income is achievable over a 3 year contract, although this is offset by a possible £30k investment requirement for the National Grid connection.

So maybe the business case for your next diesel power generator is looking a bit healthier now you have heard this news?

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Energy warning as clocks go back

diesel generators provide security against power blackouts and shortagesBritish Summer Time ended on Sunday 30th October. A time for Britons to bemoan the onset of dark nights and lower temperatures.

It also heralded a Capacity Market Notice warning from the National Grid, because the change in the clocks also brings in an increase in power consumption.  The Notice tells power companies to monitor the gap between supply and demand more closely and reflects not only higher consumption but also the fact that some power stations are not back up to speed after a summer layoff.

This doesn’t mean black-outs are imminent but it does highlight the tightness in the electricity generating market. An unexpectedly cold winter might see the next level of warning, an Electricity Margin Notice, being posted. At that point more capacity would be requested from the industry.  If that wasn’t enough then we might see businesses being asked to cut back on their power usage and local power plants might have to be switched on.

The good news is that you can protect your business with your own standby diesel generator set.  This would provide the security you need for contingency planning in the face of possible energy supply disruption.

Eagle Generators can supply new generator sets from Cummins, FG Wilson and Perkins or you can select a unit from our inventory of used diesel generators – including all of the big brands.

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Diesel is the best fuel for a standby generator.

You have probably recognised that most standby generators are diesel powered rather than petrol (gasoline) or LPG.

diesel is the best fuel for power gen setsIt isn’t just accident. Diesel fuel has some inherrent advantages that makes it very suitable for power generation duties in a wide variety of applications and environments.

So what are the key reasons why diesel is the fuel of choice in the power generation sector.

  • Diesel generators consume fuel at roughly half the rate of petrol engined equivalents. Even in the UK where diesel is usually more expensive than petrol, diesel generators are cheaper to run.
  • The compression ratio for diesel engines is between 14:1 to as high as 25:1, which means that they run more efficiently than petrol engines that run at between 8:1 to 12:1.
  • Diesel is a safer fuel to use and store.  It has a higher flashpoint than petrol which means it is more difficult to ignite. The generator engine compresses the fuel, which heats it up to combustion temperature.In case you are wondering, glow plugs are there for when an engine is cold and heat gets dissipated away from the cylinder walls.
  • The ignition and lubrication characteristics of diesel makes engines more reliable and long lasting.  So both maintenance costs and longevity are better than with petrol-engined generators.

No wonder that so many people are taking advantage of Eagle Generator’s excellent choice of new and used diesel generators.  We can offer some great deals on brands such as Cat, Cummins, FG Wilson, MTU and Perkins.

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Microgrids Will Power the Internet of Things

Perkins Newage Diesel Generator. For use in microgridsAccording to a recent article for Intel by Andres Carvallo (an expert on smart grids and power infrastructure) microgrids will play a key role in enabling the growth of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Cities.

Microgrids are local energy grids which can be powered by a wide range of energy sources from fuel cells to diesel generators.  They are designed to work in tandem with the main grid but can be switched to standalone mode if the main grid fails.

Carvallo suggests that microgrids offer the reliability and security of supply required when every object in our homes and workplaces has network connectivity; the Internet of Things.  The growth of smartphone usage and the appearance of products such as home monitoring systems and driverless cars suggest that IOT is already part of many peoples lives.  The Smart City concept is about connecting IOT devices to make entire communities to operate more effectively by, for instance, automatically diverting your car if there is heavy traffic.

The issue that these concepts must over come is that energy availability, even in the developed world, is under pressure. No power equals no IOT, and the smarter our cities get the greater the need for reliable energy.

US-based microgrids already offer 1.2 gigawatts (GW) capacity, with an expectation of 20GW by 2020. Early adopters include remote communities, universities and government facilities.

Whilst microgrid projects often incorporate new renewable energy technologies such as wind or solar, many installations operate using hybrid power sources.  The very nature of their operation (to back-up the main grid) means they need to be able to provide power on demand.

It look like the trusty diesel generator will still be purring away in the background even in the brave new world.

Eagle Generators can help you source new or used diesel generators whatever the application so contact us to find out more.

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