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Second Hand 1500 KVA Diesel Generators

Looking for second hand 1500 KVA diesel generators?

Take a look at Eagle Generators’ impressive selection of gen sets today.  15 KVA to 1500 KVA and more.

1Pre-owned 1500 KVA diesel generators for sale

Eagle Generators currently has three used 250KVA generators in stock.

The Perkins generators are both turbo V16 units while the Caterpillar is a turbo V12 .  All of our used generators undergo in-house load testing and servicing before delivery.

If you need any help in choosing your genset simply contact us today.

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What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is an alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel that can be produced from a range of vegetable oils and animal fats and oils. These can be sourced through growing crops like rapeseed and from waste oils from restaurants and food manufacturers.

The feed oils are converted into biodiesel using a process called transesterification. Oil reacts to an alcohol to form fatty acid methyl esters, which have similar characteristics to petroleum-based diesel.

what is biodiesel

Biodiesel is often blended with petroleum-based diesel (designated with a “B” factor) to suit different purposes. Blends of 20% or less biodiesel (B20, B5 and B2) can be used directly in diesel engines with no modifications (although you may want to check the manufacturers warranty). Blends with higher concentrations of biodiesel are likely to require engine modification because it contains solvents that can damage hoses and gaskets or react to standard diesel residues to produce filter-clogging particulates.

The main benefits to using Biodiesel relate to its green credentials. Engines using Biodiesel have been shown to have reduced emissions of a number of pollutants including unburnt hydrocarbons, CO (carbon monoxide), sulphur compounds and particulates. Biodiesel is also promoted on the basis of its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of CO2. This benefit is measured on the basis of of its total production lifecycle and some environmentalists question Biodiesels efficacy depending on which crops have been used to produce it and where they have been grown.

If you have any questions about the use of Biodiesels in any of our new or used diesel generators then simply get in touch for some friendly advice.

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Used Diesel Generators for the Indian Market

India has had some well documented issues with power generation over recent years. A number of states are suffering power deficits and despite the construction of a number of transmission corridors many areas still suffer from power cuts.

As the Indian economy grows and modernises the impact of supply problems has risen.  In particular the success of the IT and telecommunications sector has led to a massive growth in data centres that require consistent electricity supplies to ensure continuity of service and prevent data loss.

new and second hand diesel generators for India

While India has seen an effective expansion in its renewable energy capability, transmission and storage issues mean that diesel generator demand is likely to continue to increase over the next 5-10 years.  The largest segment of the market is for low KVA rated gen sets (5 KVA – 100 KVA), which are widely used for back-up power at telecom network towers.

Eagle Generators has an excellent selection of British-made diesel generators operating at this rating.  We have a fast-turnover used generator inventory, which means that whatever your requirement we are bound to have a genset to meet your needs.

We can supply diesel generators to any state or city across India to suit any requirement.

Check out our stock lists to see what is available and get in touch to discuss how easy it is to purchase both new and low hours, used diesel generators.

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Eagle Generators Ltd. – Low hours Perkins diesel generators available now

Used 250 KVA Diesel Generators

Looking for second hand 250KVA diesel gensets?

Look no further.

second hand diesel gensets from sisu, Iveco and dorman stamford for sale

Eagle Generators currently has three used 250KVA generators in stock.

These are all turbo 6 cylinder in line models.  The Sisu unit is “as new” while the Iveco and Dorman Stamford are in both in very good condition.  All of our used generators undergo in-house load testing and servicing before delivery.

If you need any help in choosing your genset simply contact us today.

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Diesels Desired Down Under

A full scale energy crisis is brewing in the Australian states of Victoria, NSW and South Australia. Some commentators are even forecasting a 75% chance of blackouts as a major power station in Victoria is closed down with limited capacity available to fill the energy gap.

Apparently a worthy drive to increase the use of renewable energy sources has not been well planned.  Solar and wind power are capable of generating up to 80% of requirements but not on demand. In other words when the sun isn’t shiningand its not windy then there is a problem.

Ironically Japan continues to import Australian coal to use in its highly efficient power stations (that meet the standards set by the Paris Agreement) while home energy companies and the government decline to make use of the same resource.

All of this has lead to call from influential columnist Robert Gottliebsen, writing in The Australian, to suggest that:

“All businesses and households in Victoria, NSW and South Australia need to seriously consider investing substantial sums in diesel generators, batteries or other sources of emergency power.”

While Eagle Generators supports the switch to renewable energy sources, as part of the drive towards protecting against global warming, we tend to deal with the here and now of the energy security debate. Many of our clients in the developing world suffer from the problem of poor energy supply in the form of black-outs, brown-outs or energy rationing.  In some circumstances (e.g hospitals and medical supply storage) maintaining power is a life or death issue. In most situations it isn’t just an inconvenience.

Our new and used diesel gensets are in use across medical facilities, factories, food storage facilities and telecommunications infrastructure around Africa, Asia and Europe.  We haven’t supplied a diesel generator to Australia yet, but it looks as though that might not be too far in the future.

Check the website to see our used generator inventory.  If you need any help in choosing your genset simply contact us today.

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Used Diesel Generators for Nigeria

Eagle Generators has a long history of supplying low hours British diesel generator sets to the Nigerian market.

We stock a wide range of used diesel generators from 15KVA to 2500KVA output. All of our generators have been carefully serviced and maintained – we carry in-house load testing before dispatch.

Eagle Generators Ltd - meeting the diesel generator needs of the Nigerian marketOur team understand the requirements of our Nigerian customers whether its the need for back-up power for a hospital to overcome problems with the grid or stand-by generators to ensure that your data centre can function 24/7.

We’ll provide the advice you need to purchase the correct genset for your needs and help you sort out transportation and all of the official paperwork.

Whether you are in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja or Kano we can supply you with a great deal.

Why not contact Eagle Generators today to find out how we can help.

If you are calling from Nigeria dial +44 (0) 121 5570270 or e-mail us on


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Datacentres. Energy companies need your back-up power capacity

The UK government is on track to shut-down all coal-fired power stations by 2025. This means that energy companies are desperately seeking both alternative supply sources and ways of reducing demand.

New and used diesel generators for your datacentre. UK based offering UK built gensets

Datacentres have become a centre of attention for both sides of that search.  The UK houses 40-50% of European datacentres and they represent one of the few areas of the economy that are increasing their power consumption. That explains why they are on the radar for both energy efficiency projects and for self-powering facilities with their their own diesel microgrids at times of peak demand.

At the same time the National Grid and the big 5 suppliers are talking to datacentre operators to see if they can access the power generation capability of those same diesel gensets to feed the grid.  Centrica, in particular, is promoting its Distributed Energy service, which provides an interface to the company’s Energy Control Centre.

The big question for datacentre operators is whether the risk of opening up their power generation capacity for external use is outweighed by the revenue generating opportunity that it provides.

Whatever the outcome Eagle Generators is available to provide new and used diesel generator sets support your datacentre needs.

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Eagle Generators Ltd. – Pre-owned, low hours diesel gensets in stock. Ideal for datacentre backup power.

Kenya’s Diesel Market Set for Growth

According to 6Wresearch the diesel generator marketing will reach $206.5 million by 2022.

The growth is based on a numbe of factors.  Firstly Kenya’s economy has been performing very well. In Q3 2016 GDP expanded by annual rate of 5.7% (Source: FocusEconomics) with strong performances in sectors such as mining and quarrying.  Despite some uncertainities for the future based on an on-going interest rate cap and the prospect of elections, further high rates of growth are expected by economists.

The diesel genset market in Kenya is set to grow to $206m by 2022. Talk to Eagle Generators about buying a British generator today

Diesel generators remain a key part of the energy mix as industrial development takes place. The growth of manufacturing and investments in ICT and retail supply chains has increased energy demand. However the power network is not keeping pace and diesel gensets are needed to either maintain power supply or provide a primary source in off grid areas.

6Wresearch suggests that units with a 5KVA-75KVA rating will account for the majority of the market. This size of genset offers a good cost – ouput ratio and are easier to maintain without specialised skills and equipment.

Eagle Generators are well placed to support the growth in the diesel genset market in Kenya.  We have a long history of supplying the East African market with both new and used British diesel generators.  Eagle can offer the most up to date generators from Perkins, Cummins and F G Wilson (including units in the 5KVA-75KVA output range). We also have a continuously updated range of used generator/alternator sets from all of the leading British and global brands.

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Eagle Generators – 22KVA Perkins Linz Generator available today

What to look for in a used diesel genset

You need a used diesel generator for standby power at your factory or datacentre, but what exactly are the criteria for making a selection.

how to buy a used diesel generator

Here are a few tips from Eagle Generators.

The most important factor is what power output do you need for your particular application.  Choosing the right KVA rating for your genset is important. Too small and it won’t provide enough juice to get you through a power outage. Too large and you may pay over the odds for fuel and maintenance.

So check out your power requirements using our power usage calculator.

After that the selection criteria focus on the operational and functional characteristics of the generator.

  • Used generator hours
  • Any damage/wear and tear
  • Load test results
  • Age
  • History
  • Previous usage (prime, standby or emergency)
  • Manufacturer

Used generator hours is the key parameter because it gives an immediate indication of the strain the generator has been placed under during its lifetime. If any information about the generator you are looking at is not available then ensure that you get a detailed engineering report before considering a purchase.

At Eagle Generators we inspect, test and fix anything necessary to ensure all of our used generators are in the best condition possible. We can also provide all the advice you need to choose the right size and make of unit to suit your particular requirements.

Contact us on freephone 0800 999 3303, +44 (0) 121 5570270 or e-mail us on today.

Eagle Generators – Low hours diesel generators in stock now.

Diesel Microgrids For Reduced Cost Stand-by Power

diesel gen sets from th ebasis of microgrids used by the the US militaryWhilst most attention in the stand-by power market is on the use of renewable energy, a new report has highlighted that diesel generators aren’t going away any time soon.

Power Begins at Home: Assured Energy for U.S. Military Bases” (by Nobilis,  commissioned by The Pew Charitable Trusts and published on January 12, 2017) highlights how microgrid technologies could dramatically reduce the cost of stand-by diesel power generation for the US military.

Diesel generators are a vital asset in maintaining power availability on military bases because they are just as prone to problems with the grid as any other organisation.  Like their civilian counterparts much of the expense in utilising diesel generators comes from their piecemeal deployment. Generators tend to be operated in isolation which limits economies of scale in terms of purchasing and managing fuel supplies and maintenance services. Decentralised operation also leads to inefficient generator sizing and expensive overcapacity.

The report suggests cost savings of over 50% could be achieved using microgrids’ advantages in sizing, maintainability, flexibility, coverage and reliability.  It also highlighted that microgrids would increase energy security for the military by reducing its dependence on grid-based supplies and increasing resilience against force of nature and equipment malfunctions.

The interest of the US military in this matter is important because it heralds an increase in investment in microgrid technology.  That means organisations who aren’t yet operating on the same scale as the US military, can expect more practical equipment and management tools to come their way soon.

In the meantime we’ll carry on supporting the needs of the new and used standalone diesel generator market.

Eagle Generators has a wide selection of diesel generator sets to meet your specific power requirements.

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